Looking for a safe and gentle solution to skin discolorations? Look no further than the Vbeam Perfecta! This advanced treatment delivers targeted bursts of light to specific areas of the skin, effectively removing unwanted pigmentation and vascular abnormalities. Whether you’re dealing with rosacea, sun spots, age spots, or freckles, the Vbeam Perfecta has got you covered. Trust in this innovative technology to safely and comfortably address your skin concerns and reveal a more radiant complexion. Say goodbye to unwanted discolorations and hello to clearer, healthier skin with the Vbeam Perfecta!

Vbeam treatment rejuvenates conditions like:

  • Redness of the face and neck

  • Rosacea

  • Sun/Age spots

  • Face and leg veins

  • Freckles

  • Scars and stretch marks

  • Warts

  • Psoriasis

  • Poikiloderma


What to Expect from Your VBeam Treatment:


You may be reclining or lying down, depending on the area being treated. The laser treatment is customized to suit each individual’s needs, with careful calibration and parameter adjustments. 

You may may feel a gentle warming or tingling sensation during the procedure, but anesthesia is usually unnecessary. After the treatment, many patients describe the sensation as akin to a mild sunburn. To ensure safety and comfort, our patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) provides a cooling burst of cryogen before each laser pulse. This extra layer of protection helps safeguard the skin during the treatment process. The DCD increases comfort during treatment and minimizes side effects such as redness.

Permanency depends on several factors, including the condition being treated and the patient’s lifestyle. Sun spots, for example, may return if the patient continues to spend time in the sun without protection. Talk with us about your goals and expectation for treatment. Avoid sun exposure before and throughout treatments; SPF 30 or higher sunblock should be worn daily during this time. 

It’s important to talk to your practitioner about post-treatment care, as it can differ based on your specific condition.  Post-treatment care varies and we will discuss this with you.

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